Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees


Carpenter bees are a nasty little problem that many homeowners deal with. Now if you are seasoned pro at this, this content should come as no surprise to you. If you are new to this little infestation problem, just sit back an relax.

I am here to present to you a three-part resolution content for your perusal. This content should give you some idea of what you might face.



This is one of the things you can use to hit the nests. The nests are where your main queen bees reside. It’s also where you will probably find baby bees that have just been born. This is the main target that you need to hit. If you can get the main nests, you have taken care of 80% of the issue.

All you do is use a puffer. You hit the main entrance of the interior. Just coat a little bit at the entrance of the hole. Now, in order for it work, the bees must come in contact with the dust. They have to either be going outside, or they have to make contact with the entrance of the hole to the nest.

insecticide dust for bee nest

The best time to do this is when it’s spring time. The spring time is peak mating season for the bees. This is when lots of little babies will begin to form inside the queen mother.

Wait for the bees to come out. Fill the hole with the puffer dust. If you forget to do it during the spring, you will need to hit the area twice. You’ll have to do it late spring and late summer time. Most bees are active during the day time. Hit the hole at night, when they are inside and not paying attention to what you are doing. It also will reduce your chances of getting stung, especially when the bees are defending themselves.

If you intend on doing this yourself, make sure you buy the proper dust. Now some of you might be on the fence about which ones to buy. It’s best to consult with a professional pest person before making the purchase. You can also just hire him or her to come out and do the job for you. This will cost you some extra money, but it will increase the likelihood that it was done right the first time.