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STCGServices Downloads
  • Cleanup 3.0: CleanUp30.exe
    Excellent freeware cleanup utility for cleaning out old web browser caches, windows temp files and cookies.  After running, you will have to reenter passwords on sites that remembered you, but the increase in speed is well worth it.  After a run, you will be prompted to restart - highly recommended.  Ive seen this little utility help some of the most bound up PCs.
  • HiJack This: HijackThis.exe
    Excellent utility for seeing what's happening on startup for Windows XP and less computers.  Not sure about Windows 7 or later, there are some built in protections in the later versions that may not allow this utility to run.  One of my "go to" utilities for hard starting PCs.
  • Webniac Web Creator: webniac.zip
    Excellent freeware down and dirty web programming tool.  I learned most of what I know about PHP and HTML with this program.  It does a very nice simple presentation of programming code.  Learning programing by find and replace methods, copying code from online sources for learning and demonstartion purposes, this one excels in this regard!
All prgrams are copywrite thier original authors and released under the GNU Program or as freeware. No programs have been modified and are released as the original author published them.