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STCGServices Websites
These are just a few of the many websites STCGServices has created and hosted....
Delmarva Bikers
One of STCGs first large scale sites, this one has been around since 2005 and features over 25000 pictures hosted in a Coppermine Photo Gallery, Simple Machines Forum, Community Calendar and tons of custom programmed add on features.  There is even a custom Article writing interface!
Fallen Cav
Fallen Cav is the name of one of my online gaming groups.  This is pretty much a straight up Simple Machines Forum that sees substantial amounts of use.  PortaMX and a custom skin were added to this site giving it a very unique feel.
Ocean City Beach Riders
This site powered by Simple Machines Forum is for a small motorcycle riders club out of Ocean City.  Simple design elements show what can be done an a very tight budget.
Twin Iron Customs
This colorful site is a good example of a what can be done on a tight budget.  The colors were at the suggestion of the client, we added the animations of chain moving around the edges and color shifting logo.  The end result came out quite colorful!