Delmarva's Premier Small Business IT Expert

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What does STCG stand for? A long, long, looong time ago when I was just getting my start as a consultant, one of my first (and so far longest running) clients started refering to me as "Steve The Computer Guy". The name stuck, and I have been called that ever since in some circles. When I went to create a website to advertise my services, I came up with STCGServices, using a blue motif with some stylized modern lettering.
  • Have you really been in business for over 20 years? My first experiences working with computers was back in the late 80s. I was working as a liscensed realtor in Ocean City, MD when my boss at the time asked me to print some labels with his snazzy new PC using something new - Windows! Not long after that, I was making extra money on the side installing 64k baud modems for realtors all over town. Seems I had a knack for working with computers and the rest is history.
  • Who is this Winslow character and what relation does he have to STCGServices? Winslow is me! I earned the nickname in college and many years later I reserected the name as a nom-de-internet to help protect me from online identity theft. I used the name in the creation of Delmarvabikers.com, and many of my good friends in the delmarva biker community know me by that name.
  • Is there anything you can not do with a computer? HELL YES. The subject has become incredibly broad and deep over the years, and it would be impossible for any one person to know even a millionth of what is out there. I pride myself on being able to know when I do not know and acting accordingly. If you run into someone who claims to be able to do it all, run the other way as fast as you can!
  • Are you certain you can help me or my company with its IT needs? I am 100% absolutely certain! If I do not have the knowledge, I will be more than happy to refer you to one of my colegues here on the shore who can.